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Underwater Video Color Correction

September 5th, 2009

In a previous post I shared a video of an aggressive Green Moray eel while diving in Islamorada. The more I looked at the video, the more I felt that the color was way too heavy in the blue spectrum. Using Adobe Premiere I decided to work a little on the color correction.

Why color correction?

Color correction is needed since the first color to leave the spectrum while diving is red. This lack of red causes most photos and videos to appear washed out and very blue. The only ways to counteract this is with either underwater lighting, color correcting lenses or software color correction.

Adobe Premiere and the Channel Mixer.

By far one of the easiest ways to bring back the red is to mix channels in Adobe Premiere. Premiere has built in filters that allow you to tinker with your color output. In this video, I dialed in the following in the Channel Mixer. If a channel isn’t listed below, it is safe to assume it was left at 0.

Red-Red: 100
Red-Blue: 75
Green-Green: 100
Blue-Blue 95

I also decreased the brightness to -22 and increased the contrast to 2.8.
While these settings worked for my video, you may have to play with your settings to get the exact result you are looking for. Enjoy!


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One Response to “Underwater Video Color Correction”

  1. Adrian Kaye Says:

    Looks good. But have you tried playing with the levels? Try messing around with them. Takes a bit of practice, but worth every minute I think.
    Premiere has so many different ways to change the color. It’s an amazing bit of software.
    We have a couple of the adobe software guys training pro underwater video with us at the moment and they like the levels tool.
    Anyway. up to you in the end. but worth a shot I think.
    Please let me know what you think of it.
    Cheers. Aidy.

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